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31-05-2015, 12:47
Hi All,

I know this has been a topic of conversation, and not only in this game. Where I 'get it' with regards to the system, I think I tend to over-complicate matters when I try to get my head around the values of a time progression system and along with conflicting info, I end up confusing myself!

So after reading as much on the subject as I could find, I think I've cracked it....and it wasn't as complex as I was making it.

First off Time Progression.

As the game models a full 24 hour cycle, I think we can say safely this is why we have the following maximum time value - 60x

My understanding (now) is the 'x' value represents 1 minute of real time, so if you set the acceleration to 60x the game will simulate 1 hour in 1 minute, hence we can run a 24 hour race in 24 minutes. I know it sounds simple, so don't ask why I've been overthinking it :confused:

So with this in mind, I believe the values simply represent the following (with no need for any form of re-calculation)

Real Time = Game Time

2x = 2 minutes for every real minute

5x = 5 minutes for every real minute

10x = 10 minutes for every real minute

15x = 15 minutes for every real minute, and so on...:)

So if you spec a race (amount of laps) that will take you a real 30 minutes to complete with an accelerated time of 5x, the game will simulate 2 and a half hours within your 30 minutes of racing.

Again this sounds so simple and I'm more convinced I've probably arrived at what most of you have already known, it's like I said above, I'd over thought the values and convinced there was some hidden formula to 'work out'

Taking all this into account, I believe that the weather system, with it's independent time control works the same, but in reverse. If what I've read that under no acceleration each weather option will take a real 60 minutes to cycle, thus making a 60x acceleration value become 1 minute of real time? Applying this to a 30 minute real time race, you should have 30 weather cycles (obviously the more slots you use, will give an interesting race!) If this is the case with the weather system, using a fast cycle can make for fun tactical racing, depending on track length, say the Nordschleife for instance. Also if this explains why you may want to use 'sync to race' option if you are accelerating your race. Take my 30 minutes accelerated race as an option.

30 mins 5x = 2.5 hours in-game. So having the weather synced to that means the 'hourly' weather slot changes, although in real time will still cycle quicker that a real 60 minutes, we know there should be 2 and a half changes across the 30 minutes of the race. So having 2 or 3 weather slots, you should see them in across the race. What I'm not sure about is if you had a 4th slot open as technically the race will be over before that slot activated? Unless the game randomly starts at slot 2 or 3, or that the game randomly cycles the weather rather than moving from slot to slot in chronological order.

Anyway, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there into the community to see if my thinking is correct, and if it is, it may help others, like me, who were puzzled by what they'd get by using the time and weather options.