View Full Version : Which is it.. Clean or Dirty!? PS4/T300RS

31-05-2015, 13:57
I must say i absolutely love this game, all aspects of it.. But!.. When it comes to online gameplay why is it such dirty racing!? Dont take this as i rant but i try to give room and keep it clean.. So is this a case of the 'nice guy finishes last' or should i say screw it and go for the win no matter what?

31-05-2015, 14:30
I'm fortunate enough to have around 10 real world friends to race with, so we keep it clean (though accidents do still happen, which it should- or you're not really racing).

But when it comes to random players, I think the anonymity and no consequences makes it too easy for people that don't feel they have any chance at all, to ruin the clean drivers race, and get som kind of satisfaction from it. Sad I know....

31-05-2015, 14:39
True my friend.. Its just becoming really frustrating of how many dirty races there are! I know the difference between accidental and deliberate and the latter unfortunately is so much more common.. No offence to the clean racers but i may just stick with AI where there seems to be more intelligence! Shame really

31-05-2015, 14:43
There's no structure for the online in this game, so this is the kind of racing you will get.

31-05-2015, 15:29
So it will be then lol.. 100% AI till i find a clean racing group. After being rammed repeatedly on every online race its a become a preference lol. Still frickin love this game! Happy racing all :D

31-05-2015, 15:43
Become friends with other clean racers. They are way better then AI. There are lots of racing teams, clubs, forums etc. Racing AI is pretty week to racing real people. Not to mention when you race real people they tend to be faster and push you to new limits, techniques, knowledge.