View Full Version : What happens if you 'abandon season'? Multiple game crashes.....

31-05-2015, 14:19
So I'm mid way through the LMP1 Endurance championship, I'm doing races of typically 1-3 hours in length and the game has now crashed 3 times, once on Road America and twice now on Circuit De Sarthe (the 1st was 50 minutes in and the 2nd was 2hr and 10 minutes in!)

So whether this will be patched soon or not I don't fancy wasting hours of time to see if the game can actually manage to finish one of these longer races so what happens if I abandon season? Does it just start at the start of the last season you completed, go on to the next season or does it effectively start a new career?

* Before anyone suggests it, these crashes have nothing to do with the PS4 getting hot.

31-05-2015, 14:28
What a joke! this "game"gets worse by the day! bloody jokers how can the send out a game that is so far from finished. what a joke!