View Full Version : Anyone created a spreadsheet for Project Cars for a basic tune?

31-05-2015, 18:15
I been trying to convert my old spreadsheets to project cars format.But trying to do this in metric is making it way too complicated.Does anyone know the math for figuring the suspension and dampers in metric? What does all this N/mm,N/m/s mean in project cars tuning? They make all the American games in both imperial and metric,why is this game metric only?

31-05-2015, 19:55
What do you want in the spreadsheet? what is the purpose of it/what are you trying to achieve with it?

N = Newtons (unit of force)
1 kilogram = 9.81 N (1 kg x 9.81 meters/s^2 gravitational acceleration) = 2.205 lbs
1 lb = 4.45 N
1 in = 25.4 mm
1 bar = 14.5 lbs/sq in

All equations of force/motion (dynamic/static) have to be converted to metric for them to work.

Most of the tuning options in pCars are RELATIVE. You need to make adjustments relative to front-to-rear. Oversteering? soften rear sway bars, for example.

I have very little idea of the real-world effect of 115000 N/m/s damping rate, and in any case the effect would very much be spring rate/vehicle weight dependent.

If you're getting into the math so much to calculate ride height/tire pressure/vehicle weight/aero load and spring/damping rate - well we wouldn't be having this discussion.

So really, aside from ride height and tire pressure, so you have a better understanding of how high/low it should be, all other conversions are unnecessary.