View Full Version : Formula A Thunderstorm race (career mode)

31-05-2015, 19:21
Well I was doing great lol, playin in career, AI set to 80, winning races.. and then it throws a thunderstorm at me and now it's near impossible to race at all! Hardly any grip! and yet the AI seem to be fine.. Now I don't expect any race to be easy, where's the challenge in that? But c'mon am I missing something? Surely it's not meant to be this hard?.. I just can't seem to keep up or even stay on the track! Anyone else havin this problem or is it just me? I wouldn't say it was cos I'm crap lol I'm not I'm half decent.. WTF :confused:

31-05-2015, 19:27
Known issue that weather does not impede AI cars.

31-05-2015, 19:35
Unknown to me until now bud cheers, do ya just simulate the fucker instead then?

31-05-2015, 20:15
How many laps you are doing? If I get this situation then for that race only I reduce the duration down to 1%, typically 2 laps max unless you are doing an endurance event, get's it over quickly- I've found simulation hit and miss, did it yesterday on a 2 hour endurance race and swapped to the Ai driver for a bit who proceeded to sit behind GT3 cars for several laps, losing several places while I watched in dismay while eating my dinner :rolleyes: I was in an LMP1 car!!