View Full Version : Amateur HUD layout problem [PT-BR]

01-06-2015, 01:00
Hey guys,

I noticed a problem on the text alignment in the HUD where it shows your lap time records, etc. in the brazilian portuguese version of the game (don't know if there is this problem in other languages as well).
I attached two screenshots for you to see.

I know it is not a huge problem and it does not affect the gameplay, but it shows a lack of politeness with a bit of amateurism and it bothers me because I know there is an "error". People may say I could just hide this option but I like seeing my previous laps and records while racing.

Hope the devs would say something about this as it is really easy

03-06-2015, 13:19
Bruno.. Can you explain the problem you are having, exactly? I have looked at your pictures, but can't quite figure out what you are talking about.

03-06-2015, 13:44
Hi PeoplesChampion well it is not a gameplay problem, it is a layout problem.

You need to look at the top right window on the pictures where it shows your lap time, record, etc.
You can clearly see (don't need to know portuguese) that the characters are one above the other and not aligned.

First picture: The "meu recorde" (= "lap record") is mixed with the ∆ symbol.
Second picture: it looks like an arab thing, and although I know it is meant to be "meu recorde", it is totally messed up.

I know this is a minor problem but is does affect the perception of the game and its politeness.