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01-06-2015, 06:31
Hi, i have had a quick look thru these posts and couldnt find what i was after, so my questions are.

during a race and your car gets extremely damaged that you cannot drive back to pits, is there a way to warp back to pits and just sit there, or getting back to the lobby and waiting for the race to finish.?

as above during a race and everyone quits on you, is there a way to also get back to lobby and just wait for newcomers rather than exit out and having to start a new lobby again?

also finding this annoying, but during a practice session and in pitbox making adjustments/tweaks with plenty of time remaining, suddenly the race starts without been able to finish setup. i imagine because it was voted to start, but maybe a 15-30 second warning countdown whilst in pitbox would be handy. i dont even know how it could happen, but one of those occasions i was in setup menu during a bathurst prac session and race started in brno.. which setup was used i have no clue?


01-06-2015, 11:46
The time remaining is on the top right (if u in lobby, garage or even press pause) also tells u if its practice/qualify/warmup

Dont think u can warp back.. ive heard my engineer say once that help is on the way.. but i was close so crawled back anyway.. i think if u can drive u make your own way back..

same with last on track, if race still on, u may as well finish alone, sorts out your profile anyway and passes time i suppose :)

People leave, including myself.. when u spent 45mins pissing about with practice & qualifiers for a 5 or 6 lap race :/ only to be rammed off by little babies that act like giddy kids in a sweet shop on the 1st bend.. causing u to shoot off 50m on the grass into a corner wall.. fked, really no point carrying on with mechanical damage all the way to the pits to get a 30sec pit stop to fix, by which time youve been lapped... so ye..leave the quitters alone for now.. they a mixed bunch at the minute.. not all just rage quit cos they last.. its the sum of the time spent before the race for that to happen is just not worth sitting around for 15mins to do another 45mins practice :/

There are 2 types of rammers, accidental and just plain idiots..
the accidental ones should drop in numbers as ppl get used to tracks, cars, set ups, other drivers etc..
the plain idiots are the issue that will stick around for a while.. they dont play long term, but a steady stream of muppets is in every game..

Once people settle into the game a bit more it should quieten down.. remember people dont know tracks, may have been locked from 'drive' & 'enter garage' so unable to test/set up car before race, only to find its bambi on ice on the bends.. and very hard to control.. there are lots of reasons at the minute that online is not as good as it should be.. but same happened with gt5 for a while, then it was usually ok.. you will always get weird ppl... cant stop it.. but time will get rid of most of the wasters cos when the new singstar comes out they will be off like a flash so they can get on the tv \o/ and pretend they have a talent :P