View Full Version : Multiplayer Session Join Menu Bug & More.

Sonic Bubbles
01-06-2015, 17:20
This bug alone should have been one of the first fixed as it pretty much makes part of the game unplayable 'literally'...

You start off by joining an online session, you get into that practice or qualifying session, after giving it 20-30 seconds for everything to load in the menu, you are quite frequently, not rarely, unable to exit the pits and take part in practice, or qualifying. If you choose to sit and wait out until these sessions are finished, you can then take part in the race... But the other bug that comes with that is you're stuck to the low down bumper camera view, and unable to change it.

I don't know how many others have experienced this bug, but it's happened quite a lot with me, and is so frustrating. Especially when you find a full lobby of racers, and the game isn't working properly.