View Full Version : T300RS firmware v23 to v24 has introduced massive issues

01-06-2015, 19:17
I've been playing since day1 with my t300rs with t500 pedals with zero issues.

I've seen all the threads suggesting that the firmware on the wheel needs to be the current version is v24.

So this evening I downloaded the Thrustmaster driver update and installed it as per the instructions on a windows 8 machine and the firmware updated to version 24. I couldn't find the Thrustmaster control panel (sorry hate windows 8) but when applying the update it said the previous firmware version was 23 and it was updating to v24.

So now on v24, the first thing and don't know if this is related, all my controller setting such as dead zones, FFB setting had reset to default.

Then I could feel a slight pulse coming from the wheel in the menus, like it was turning a few degrees. Then I have hit the 90 degree turn of the wheel at the start of sessions, making driving impossible.

So it seems v24 is the holy grail, it is probably the cause of all the problems everyone is having......not the fix!!! I imagine, there is no way to retro flash the firmware back to v23 which actually worked.

So whose fault is it, PCars or Thrustmaster......someone needs to do something!!

Appreciate any help anyone could potentially give to fixing this as the game is now unplayable!!

01-06-2015, 19:25
My T300 has slight buzz to it but never had the 90* problem and i think it is small portion of the people that have that problem. Never ran Pcars on V23 so i not sure but i do to options page in game and hit triangle and reset everything. You mentioned that the setting were reset but you didnt if you manually reset everything or not.

01-06-2015, 20:20
I experience the slight buzz at times as well.

01-06-2015, 21:29
I had this fear. Out of the box my T300 works flawlessly so I haven't bothered to mess with the FW. It did have the 90 degree issue , but since I've started shutting down the ps4 completely rather than using rest mode I have had zero issues. No erratic behavior no random disconnects.

01-06-2015, 21:55
I had also the buzzy man with my new wheel T300 RS , what i did is .....take the wheel of and tight the 4 screws on .
When a wheel is new it can be that those screws get a bit loose .
In my case it worked .
Hope it helps for you to guy's.

01-06-2015, 21:55
Following my original post, I have downloaded the v24 driver on to a Win 7 machine and accessed the control panel application. All shows and works ok.

I booted up the ps4 and had the best part of 90 mins of flawless fun. Incidentally when the wheel misbehaved before I had 2 random crashes in to nothing at all. Perhaps the wheel issue is then a result of the other bug and the timing for me was a coincidence? Time will tell.

01-06-2015, 22:19
MAke sure you close the app (game ) and do not use your suspend feature.Thrustmaster has added a bulletin on their web page about this.I have turned off the usb power in power options in the rest mode so the wheel doesn't stay on. When i turn the wheel on i manually push the on button with my wheel plugged in then his the PS button on the wheel. Haven't had a problem.

03-06-2015, 09:50
For me was the opposite: wheel delivered with V23 and I had issues, where it would turn around 90 after a race. Problem gone with V24.
But perhaps is not only the fact of applying the firmware, but doing it right and resetting+recalibrating in game after the upgrade. I will detail my EXACT sequence:

1. install the drivers from TM in the PC, do not plug the wheel.
2. switch the T300 to PS3 mode, and plug into the PC
3. upgrade firmware
4. (optional) adjust the FFB settings, I have mine to 100%, per default it sets to 75%

1. shutdown the game, also do not "suspend" the game, really close the application
2. switch back to PS4 mode, plug into the console (i even start the PS4 fresh with the wheel plugged in)
3. start the game
4. after the FW upgrade, go to Settings, Control, and RESET (triangle button), re-calibrate wheel and pedals, adjust FFB and do the button assignment as needed. You only need this step when you upgrade the FW again.
5. from here on, all happy days for me! I don't experience a single glitch

Set the game to not suspend, rest mode is also not working properly as to other threads. I don't use it. After playing, I close the application and shutdown the PS4.

If none of this works, you can try a "bootload" of the wheel, and if that still do not work, I can only imagine a faulty wheel or USB cable.

03-06-2015, 18:21
What's a bootload please? Thanks

03-06-2015, 18:34
I experience the slight buzz at times as well.

It was explained to me that the buzzing is actually the wheel clipping, so it's probably not a problem with the wheel.

What's a bootload please? Thanks

It's like a base calibration to run the wheel. Like the very first firmware for the sole purpose of getting it working so the computer will recognize the device properly.