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02-06-2015, 06:45
After getting the controller tuned on this game and actually being able to play it, I started to notice some really weird things when it came to some of the cars in the game. This is noticeable mainly on road cars But it's also visible on race cars.

In short, the suspension of the cars seems to be very unrealistic.
What i mean by that, is the fact that some of the cars in the game, road cars especially, have unbelievably soft suspension leading to absurd amounts of body movement while driving. For example i can spawn in with an Audi R8, start rolling purely off of the small amount of slope on the track, hit my brakes and watch the car violently dip it's nose as though i had just slammed on the brakes while going 150mph. Similarly, if i go around a corner in the mercedes A class, it's body rolls pretty far seemingly irrelevant of what speed I'm traveling.
however, the most laughable example of this weird suspension is when you just sit still and steer left and right repeatedly. The car will look like it's doing a little dance with how much body movement there is.

This seems to affect the handling of cars with even the McLaren p1 feeling squishy and hard to control around corners.

I can upload a video of this if you guys want.

Is this a controller thing, an xbox thing or am I just simply not drinking the koolaid when it comes to the physics and handling of the cars in this game. Because this is one of a few things that really feel weird in this game (cold tires and FWD being a few more.)

02-06-2015, 06:50
The spring stiffness and rebound rates are straight from manufacturer data. Perhaps you are going faster and hitting the brake harder than you think.

The physics feeds the animations from what I know.

02-06-2015, 06:51
That's weird because like i said, most of these are noticeable at very low speeds (< 1mph) or while I'm standing still.

PzR Slim
02-06-2015, 07:24
I'll start by saying I use a wheel and would implore everybody to buy a decent ffb wheel to fully appreciate this game.

That being said I tried the three cars you mentioned and did not see anything untoward. If you are using a controller I would imagine you can go lock to lock much quicker than is possible in real life. Couple that with the fact that the cars you mentioned are road cars with suspension tuned for the vagaries of the average road surface and racing tyres with much more grip than would normally fitted to such cars and that probably explains what you are seeing.

I would advise a couple of things, get a decent ffb wheel or if you can't, be much smoother with your steering inputs. Try not to go full lock to lock quickly (this is impossible in real life as it is with a controller in your hand). Going full lock to lock quickly really unsettles the car and you are not in control of the weight transfer of the car from side to side. This results in unrealistic forces being applied to the suspension, as a result of the very quick weight transfer, and the grippier tyres only accentuate that, resulting in extreme suspension travel. In short drive it like you would a real car ;)

02-06-2015, 10:29
It's called "sticktion" . I think i invented that name:). The sim (and all sims) don't model rubber joints and sticky dampers and torqued up suspension arms from camber and caster etc, that need a small force to get them moving, then once moving has little effect on the suspension from there. But at very low speed and low load, resist movement. The sim joint is perfectly fluid and smooth so no low speed binding up. It's something we'd like to add in the future.