View Full Version : FFB changes in future patches?

mister dog
02-06-2015, 13:27
Through the development of PCARS it would often happen that the game's Force Feedback was updated, as it was a 'work in progress' evidently.
In light of patch 1.4 i have 2 questions about the matter, and i would very much appreciate if someone of the devs could enlighten us so we know what to expect regarding future patches:

- Any more info on how the FFB changes included in patch 1.4 will relate to the the current FFB, and what will be the most noticeable difference?
- Will the FFB be finalized from then onwards, or can we expect other big changes in future patches? I ask this mainly as a lot of folk will go through the effort of fine tuning every car's FFB sliders, and if this is going to be altered frequently we better not bother too much in getting things perfect.

Thanks in advance.