View Full Version : Three Wide Racing League (TWRL) starting on PS4!!

02-06-2015, 17:48
We have been a league for several racing games for years and looking to start a competitive yet clean racing league for Project CARS on the PS4. We will run league races on Thursday's at 8 pm EST. If you interested in running with us email me at chappyjoker14@gmail.com or comment on here and let me know your psn ID and it will be first come first serve. We will run with all 3 assists on and you can use wheel or controller. We will post a schedule of what and where we will run for the week ahead of time so you can practice. There will be a points system and a champion. Again only clean and serious racers that want to join a fun yet competitive league apply. My psn ID is Chappyjoker. Thanks and hope to hear from you. Thanks.

03-06-2015, 19:35
We have some spots left to fill before we go live with our league. Hurry and join by emailing me at chappyjoker14@gmail.com or on here and we will save you a spot. Thanks

09-06-2015, 16:34
Come join us and race on a Thursday nights at 8pm EST. Email me or message me here your psn ID. Thanks

09-06-2015, 17:27
Would like to join!
PSN: Skilltacular1988

09-06-2015, 17:37
would like to join
psn - bmw64black

10-06-2015, 19:37
Sent friend requests out to skilltacular1988 and Bmw64black. I'm Chappyjoker. Welcome to TWRL!!

10-06-2015, 20:20
My PSN: carymelanie


11-06-2015, 00:00
Thanks cary got you in. Sending you a friend request now. Welcome to TWRL!!

11-06-2015, 17:11
Hurry and join! Few spots left. Leave psn ID and I will add you. Thanks!

12-06-2015, 21:21
Now that the patch has been released today http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?30884-PS4-Patch-1-4-Release-note, we will run a practice race this Thursday at 8 pm EST. We will run gt3 class open at donnington Park. Please be on at 8pm so we can qualify and race. If your interested in racing with us email me at chappyjoker14@gmail.com or message me on this post with your psn ID. Thanks and welcome to TWRL!! Time to capture the flag!!!

15-06-2015, 18:34
We are racing this Thursday at 8pm EST so if your not in and want to join email me or message me your psn ID here. Thanks