View Full Version : Phantom Passenger

02-06-2015, 18:27
Has anyone seen this happen before? It's quite weird driving and seeing a hood and bumper come through the cockpit.


Roger Prynne
02-06-2015, 19:14
Had you just reset the car before that as you will ghost for a while if so.

02-06-2015, 19:22
Had you just reset the car before that as you will ghost for a while if so.

No I had not done a reset. But that is good info to know... Although I typically don't do a reset, rather I will just restart a race.

Roger Prynne
02-06-2015, 19:26
Hmmm strange one then.
Reset should only be used if the car is actually stuck, like in some armco or a wall maybe which can happen in a lot of games.
Also the ghost after a reset is just incase it puts you back on track and there are cars coming up behind you.

02-06-2015, 19:31
Is this a race against AI?
AI cars become ghosts when they're in "pit in" or "pit out" mode. The fact that you're near the pit entrance is a hint at this.

Roger Prynne
02-06-2015, 19:41
^^^ Ah yeah good point and I forgot about that.

02-06-2015, 20:15
Yeah... It was against AI... But why would the AI be in Pit In mode on the second lap of the race? And then not continue on to the pits?

Roger Prynne
02-06-2015, 21:10
I wonder if it's a mistake/bug and they always go into pit mode at that point, or even randomly... never seen it myself so just a guess.
If it happens again please let us know.