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02-06-2015, 22:31
Wheel2WheelRacing is looking for drivers for various Project CARS leagues on PS4. As a league we've been together since 2012, starting originally on F1 2012 on PS3, running multiple splits all the way to F1 2014. Our leagues are 100% distance (roughly an hour and a half for Formula One, probably around 2 hours for WEC) and promote clean and fair racing between members. We have also run GT5/6 leagues in the past and will be hosting F1 2015 leagues when the game is released.

Currently we are looking for drivers for Formula B leagues and LMP1 leagues, with more to be added in different disciplines to be added as members come forward to take part.

Lobbies typically open at 7:30PM GMT, with a 15 minute qualifying session starting at 7:45PM and the race starting at 8:05PM (5 minutes break after qualifying.) Days of the week are yet to be fully established, but it's looking like Tuesday and Thursday at the moment with the leagues starting in a week or two and F1 2015 being on Wednesday and Friday upon release.

We also have a full team of driver stewards who discuss any appeals and incidents that occur as well as dealing out appropriate penalties and discussing future features of the league. This is open to all members for contribution.

Both wheel and pad users are welcome. Assists are permitted. A no assist split will be setup if there's demand for it, we have run this in the past for the F1 games. New drivers will be inducted in a short race with a member of the site to prove they are able to drive cleanly.

If you are interested in racing please sign up on the website and comment on your preferred league. It would be handy if people could also post below with their username on the site and PSN ID. Any questions please feel free to ask below, on the site, or message me on PSN/Twitter @Aletdownofstate.


Here are the provisional calendars/rules for the initial leagues.

Formula B/GP2

Timetable & Format

Races will run on Tuesday evenings. Times are in GMT.

7:30pm - Lobby opens and invites go out.
7:45pm - Qualifying 1 starts, 15 minute session.
8:00pm - Race 1 starts. 20 laps/40 minutes.
9:00pm - Qualifying 2 starts, 15 minute session.
9:15pm - Race 2 starts. 30 laps/60 minutes.

Race 2 timing is subject to change based on race 1 length, it should hopefully be around this time though, if it finishes a substantial amount of time before then, then it will be brought forward. There will be a break between race 1 ending and race 2 qualifying starting.


No pitstops are required in either race, the pits however will be open for repairs etc.
Standard racing rules and etiquette are to be adheared to. Only one direction change allowed to defend a position, track limits and no moving in the braking zones etc.
Standard FIA points table for the top 10 for both races.
Backmarkers must be aware of lapping cars. Impeding another driver will result in penalties.
ALL drivers must, at the very least, save their replay for both races. It doesn't have to be uploaded to YouTube, but it must be available to provide evidence for any incidents that may occur. No footage, no appeal and likewise no footage no counter appeal (Claiming lag was the cause of a collision for example.)


Race 1 & 2 - Circuit De Catalunya, Spain - 30th June
Race 3 & 4 - Zhuhai International Circuit, China - 7th July
Race 5 & 6 - Imola GP Circuit, Italy - 14th July
Race 7 & 8 - Hockenheim Ring GP Circuit, Germany - 21st July
Race 9 & 10 - Brno - 28th July
Race 11 & 12 - Donington Park GP Circuit, UK - 4th August
Race 13 & 14 - Monaco GP Circuit, Monaco - 11th August
Race 15 & 16 - Silverstone GP Circuit, UK - 18th August
Race 17 & 18 - Nurburgring GP Circuit, Germany - 25th August
Race 19 & 20 - Le Circuit Bugatti, France (Le Mans GP Circuit) - 1th September
Race 21 & 22 - Spa-Francorchamps GP Circuit, Belgium - 8th September
Race 23 & 24 - Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Germany - 15th September
Race 25 & 26 - Monza GP Circuit, Italy - 22th September
Race 27 & 28 - Sakitto GP Circuit, Japan - 29th September
Race 29 & 30 - Road America, USA - 6th October
Race 31 & 32 - Dubai Autodrome (Twilight), Dubai - 13th October



Standard FIA points system (25, 18, 15, etc)
2 Mandatory pit stops
15/20 minute qualifying session
Formation lap
4 teams of 4 drivers. Alternatively, 2 teams of 4 drivers in LMP1 and 4 teams of 2 drivers in LMP2/GT cars. Or any combination of this, each category with their own tables similar to how the WEC works IRL.
Standard drivers and constructors/teams tables.
Full damage, tyre wear, mechanical failures, fuel etc
Race length: We can have up to 250 laps in one race so something around the 2 hour mark?
Random weather, though appropriate for the location, Dubai is never going to have anything other than clear/cloudy/hazy for example.
Replays must be saved for evidence when appealing etc. No footage, no appeal.

Tracklist: Links are to layouts of the lesser known tracks. Also races progressing from day to night over the course of the race.

Silverstone GP Circuit, UK
Spa-Francorchamps GP Circuit, Belgium
Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans France
Nurburgring GP Circuit, Germany
Road America, USA
Sakitto GP Circuit, Japan
Zhuhai International Circuit, China
Imola GP Circuit, Italy
Dubai Autodrome, Dubai

Below you can find an example of the racing we've recently been having.



10-06-2015, 14:50
What type of assists or force anything will you be running? I can not see unless I register in the website first. It is locked for browsing.

10-06-2015, 15:04
hi is it manual or auto gears thanks

10-06-2015, 21:01
Still accepting racers for LMP1?

10-06-2015, 21:06
What type of assists or force anything will you be running? I can not see unless I register in the website first. It is locked for browsing.Nothing is forced, all assists are available for use. If we get enough people wanting it, we will also run a minimal assists/forced cockpit league.

hi is it manual or auto gears thanksYou can use either.

Still accepting racers for LMP1?Yep.

15-06-2015, 21:35

4 spaces left in the FB league and a quite a few left in the LMP1 league.

Also, when people sign up can they actually post once your account is activated. Simply signing up and saying nothing accomplishes nothing, and I'm not about to start trying to chase people up for info.

19-06-2015, 21:02

Looking to start as soon as possible.

22-06-2015, 12:30

We have a test race scheduled for this Thursday (25/06/15) evening at 730pm GMT. Anyone potentially interested in the league is welcome to join to see how it goes.

Also, we are looking to expand into FA, GT3/4, DTM and WTCC/BTCC if anyone is interested.

25-06-2015, 18:43
Test race is in the lobby now. If you want an invite message me on PSN @Aletdownofstate.

26-06-2015, 20:09
After the test race, the rules and race format has been altered to more fit within the limits of the game (until pit stops are reliable), see the first post for details.

We are looking to start Tuesday 30th June.

Currently have 5 open spaces for split 1 as well as reserve slots. More than willing to add additional splits if drivers come forward.

29-06-2015, 15:47
Due to start tomorrow night! Still got a few places left if people are interested! Message me on PSN @Aletdownofstate if you're wanting a spot.

30-06-2015, 23:25
Races 2 & 3 next Tuesday at Zuhai GP Circuit. Still wanting reliable, clean drivers.