View Full Version : Losing Force Feedback When Returning To Lobby

Steve UK
02-06-2015, 22:44

When using a Thrustmaster TX I generally do time trials, if I back out to change the track or car more often than not there will be no FFB when the game starts.

A full power down and reset is the only way to fix this, as you can imagine it's getting quite tedious along with having to calibrate the pedals every time.

Ending on a positive note, great game and thoroughly enjoying it.

Thanks for reading, please pass on to those who need to know if possible.


02-06-2015, 23:19
Known issue, several posts about it, however nothing from SMS or the Dev Teams about if this will be in the 1.4Patch.

It sure does annoy me when it happens

03-06-2015, 00:59
Sometimes going back to dashboard & then back to game fixes that problem. It's an Xbox One thing. From what I've heard, it doesn't do that on PC.

Steve UK
03-06-2015, 20:25

Thanks for the replies, good to know it's known about and it's not just me. Maybe will make it into Patch 1.5 :)