View Full Version : Very minor thing I'd like to see changed/added

02-06-2015, 23:58
I love this game and I think it looks absolutely spectacular, minus a few bugs and issues.

Obviously not priority but does anybody else hope the Le Mans Ferris Wheel will be lit up in its entirety in a future update? Perhaps with make it move as well?

Thinking about it, a good thing as well may be to have the crowd thin out as it get towards night and then thicken again towards the end of the 24 hour races. Might be a difficult one to add in though.

Just a couple of minor ideas but nothing that will prevent me from playing right now.

03-06-2015, 01:38
I would be happy enough if the camera didnt zoom in on the dodgy looking characters with no fingers at the end of cali highway full while you wait for others to finish the race. Very disconcerting

14-06-2015, 00:26
its in the completely wrong place, thats what bugs me...