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03-06-2015, 07:50

Is it possible, and if so how, to move the entire steam/project cars installation from one drive to another (Drive C to Drive E)?
Running out of space and just wanted to know if I can simple move folders?

If not, If I re-install Steam and Project Cars - what folders to I need to backup and copy back over when fresh install?

Want to keep my history, career, graphics settings etc etc

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03-06-2015, 07:54
The folders for your profile are located under \program files(x86)\Steam\Userdata
There is also a pcars folder in my documents, not sure what is in it

I think the main app is under \program files(x86)\steam\appdata or maybe its steamapps some thing like that but I would be surprised if you could just copy it over and get it to work properly.

Edit: I see someone posted the info you need while I was typing..

03-06-2015, 07:56
It's also possible to use Windows symbolic or hard links to move just certain folders.

I have pCars redirected to a small, fast SSD personally and a couple of games to a RAM Drive. I've used this free shell plugin utility to just redirect the various SteamApps games folders: http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html

03-06-2015, 07:59
Thanks guys for the super fast replies and links and info - I'm sure this will help.

I installed Steam and Project Cars to my OS drive as it is SSD for the speed but as usual the more stuff I install the OS Drive is running low lol. So thought I would either move it over to the slower bigger disk or get a second SSD and move it there. Loving these SSD's :-)


03-06-2015, 09:21
Easy option is a program called Steammover, really handy little program, I am always shuffling my games around to put my current one on my SSD.


03-06-2015, 10:28
Nice one, thanks for the SteamMover link.

I will take copies and then give it a try.

Think I will also order a second 240GB SSD for the data drive and move all the stuff to that and keep a "clean" OS SSD.

Thanks guys


Broken Brakes
03-06-2015, 10:29
Install steam to a 2nd drive, also have your steam library on another drive, you have to set the new store location in steam settings, you can then copy all of your downloaded installed steam software to the new store location and it should work fine.
As a side note, with steam installed on a 2nd drive i have reinstalled windows a couple of times and all my settings stay and steam runs first time without having to reinstall/initialize it at all.