View Full Version : Choose car livery to race

03-06-2015, 18:31
I'm sure I'm just being thick here, but I can't work out how to get a car and livery from my garage into an actual event.

It's awesome to scroll through all the amazing liveries and pick one, but when I go back to setting up a race, it just loads the default and not the one I've chosen.

If someone could help with a click-by-click walkthrough, I'd be really grateful!


Aldo Zampatti
03-06-2015, 18:46
Can't do step by step from this computer but:
Basically when you're selecting your car from the race (let's say quick race), click the photo of the car, you'll se the car's info.. then from the upper right corner, you have the three lines menu, click there, my garage, select your livery/car from there, go back, and race.