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nomen nescio
03-06-2015, 20:34
Is it my pc or is it pCars that has some serious issues?

Sometimes the GIU starts to flicker. Going from career mode to quick race weekend to practice etc... very quickly. I'm not able to chose something from the GUI anymore when this happens. I have to close pCars and hope that it will not happen again. But it does

A few minutes ago, pCars froze (black screen) and had to control-alt-delete to quite pCars.

Also, and this is the reason I stopped playing pCars a few minutes ago. The FFB and my wheel started acting up. When I start a race my steering wheel (T300RS) turns all the way to the right and I have to turn it back to it's center when I enter a race. In the menus, it is impossible to turn it back to it's center when it turned all the way to the right. Also in the tuning setup, when I chose the FFB settings they start to go all the way to the maximum on it's own. The only thing I have to do is point the mouse pointer to a FFB setting (Fx, Fy, Fz etc...) and they all go to the maximum and I can't change it, unless I reset everything. But then it starts all over again.

I have no problems in Assetto Corsa and other games, not even in standard pc programs, Office and so on only with pCars. This is a new pc (only a month old).

04-06-2015, 11:06
Just some things to try which work for most problems with pcars:

-Try another USB slot for the wheel
-Don't Overclock CPU or GPU
-Don't use Raptor
-Don't use AMD gaming evolved
-Delete My Documents/Project Cars folder and don't turn up all graphic settings to high/ultra

nomen nescio
04-06-2015, 19:46
Thanks! Appreciate the help.

Unfortunately, I just removed pCars from my computer, even the register part. I started pCars again and pCars was flipping again. To bad I didn't read your post before removing pCars. I'm going to reinstall pCars though. I like pCars too much to put it aside.

nomen nescio
05-06-2015, 10:52
Solved the problem and I think it is a pCars problem and not a pc problem.

I must thank the commutinity for all the help and solutions. :(

05-06-2015, 11:16
Maybe you want to shine some light on how you resolved it. Maybe others encounter the same problem.