View Full Version : [LAP TIMES] - question to devs and involved staff - overview laps on tracks?

03-06-2015, 23:00
question goes to all involved staff @SMS/ WMD:

is there any way to see best lap times per car for example, or by track top ten times of player? example:
SPA track: top ten times I have driven with various vehicles?
Monza GP: top ten times? or top 15x times?

I am asking to have a reference/ or being able to cross check what times I have been able to set with certain vehicles on the same track, gives me an idea of the cars, my setups and etc?

possible? or does it exist and I just have not seen it?

03-06-2015, 23:25
maybe better or question better:
for example: could i find out or see somewhere, what my best time is on "Imola" for example: in a RUF GT3, Aston Martin GT4, Ginetta G55 GT3 or LMP1 or LMP2 cars?