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04-06-2015, 00:00
Hey everyone. I am finally in my GT3 season, been looking forward to getting here and plan to stay GT3 for a while. I am in the BMW Z4 and crushed at Laguna Seca. Then we moved on to Watkins Glen. It was raining so i told the game to put on rain tires (like I had done in many other classes previous) but the car felt like it was on ice, as the rain stopped and the track dried out I got faster (obviously). I went in and got soft slicks, the rain came back and the felt pretty much the same as it did when i was on the "rain" tires.

This was my first experience in rain with GT3 but NOT my first time in the rain in this game. Every other time it was slower but i had a decent amount of grip (not like driving on ice).

Is this a bug? is the game not giving me my rain tires? Is the Glen really just THAT slick when wet? (first time at the glen in this game)

If it IS a bug is there a way to make it not rain in career mode?

Max Kelly
04-06-2015, 13:44
improvements will come in the future, Doug is working on this.

04-06-2015, 14:21
Maybe it didn't save the rain tires?
I had to rest/resave at least 5 times before it would go back to automatic tires by weather, after having saved a setup to use slicks only.

It shouldn't feel like on ice if you are actually using rain tires.
Using slicks however, then you can't even use the throttle at all before you spin out.