View Full Version : Possible future enhancement to the game?

04-06-2015, 11:22
Please don't shoot me down in flames in what I am going to say is already a feature of e later progression in career mode but I am currently stuck at Monza in a Pagani awaiting the next patch fix, so what I am going to ask for might already exist... If it does I apologise for wasting folks time and please mods shut me down before i embarass myself!

In career mode most of the events seem to be against opposition driving identical vehicles rather than the same class of vehicle.. Certainly this is true of feeder series of championships but it would be even better to be out there wheel to wheel against other makes as well, with rival contract offers trying to lure you to different manufacturers... Dependent on your progress, driving style etc to date.

I have also previously mentioned elsewhere having the ability to customise our own single payer championships and this would greatly enhance such a feature if its possible or feasible.

As I said at the start this may already be the case in career mode and I just haven't been able to get there yet!

Anyway, just a thought!