View Full Version : [KNOWN ISSUE] 3 wheels as good as 4

04-06-2015, 14:13
Hi fellow scientists :D

PC with G27
Track: Catalunya GP
Car: Aston Martin GT4

In a free practice session I did my usual thing and crashed...
Left front wheel departed from car
I paused and returned to pits.
Started another lap, passed what looked to be a tyre. Stopped when I came back around and yep, a tyre...
Reset again and started another lap. Tyre still on track.
Car was handling as if it had 4 wheels.

I took a few photos showing no left front on car and a tyre sitting on the track but I am unsure how to get them out of the game to post.

Apologies if bug has already been reported.

04-06-2015, 14:15
Known issue (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22315-Known-Issues-Collective-Thread-%28PC%29-Not-for-bug-reporting!-Updated-03-06).

04-06-2015, 14:16
I had this exact same thing happen with a Formula A car at Silverstone GP in free practice as well!

04-06-2015, 14:28
Were you driving a Reliant Robin? if so, it'll drive normal on 3 wheels :D. There's a car to add to the list LOL

04-06-2015, 14:33
No mention of parts being left on track. Anyway...great game, cant wait until I sort out all the FFB options to suit me and next patch is released.