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04-06-2015, 15:49

I would like to report a strange experience while playing.

When racing, the game plays with 50 FPS. In some places, the game slows down and accelerate to compensate the time...
FPS drop down to 30 and goes back to 50. It looks like a matrix effect :-)

I thought of a bottleneck problem but it doesn't seems to be like that.
I turn all the graphics to low and played with 140 FPS and the same problems occurs (slow down to 80 FPS).
Same thing without other cars.
It happends on different circuit : imola, zolder, ... with all the cars.

RivaTunerStatisticServer indicates me that GPU turns at 60%, RAM 63%, and CPU never reaches 100%.
So i don't understand where the problem comes from.

Here is my config on PC :
Win7, FX 8230, GTX 770 MSI, 8Go RAM, xbox 360 controller, 1920x1080.

Any ideas ?


04-06-2015, 16:01
You are probably getting some CPU throttling. This seems to happen on FX chips if they are over clocked. There are a couple of threads here already on the subject.

My brother had this issue as well, when we traced it down it was the CPU clock speed that was causing it. When we traced the CPU Clock as the game was played it would run a 4.7ghz most of the time and all was fine then it would drop to 2.xghz and around 30fps then back to 4.7 and all was fine again but this cause the car to slow down a little then rocket forward a bit.

Turning off the turbo and clocking the CPU down corrected the issue.

04-06-2015, 16:40
Either some automatic cpu boost/throttle in your bios or the xboxpad problem. Should only be happening with XboxOne pads but try turning force feedback to 0.

04-06-2015, 16:50
I did not notice the xbox 360 controller there. Good chance that is the FFB issue

04-06-2015, 18:30
Thanks for your support guys.
But it's not so easy :-)

My CPU is not overclocked and the force feedback parameter is on 0.
But it's still present..


04-06-2015, 18:46
I used a tool called Open Hardware Monitor (http://openhardwaremonitor.org/) to see what was happening while playing. It allows you to display a graph over time that shows different things. In this case you want to track the clock speed of each CPU core. They should go to the top at stay there during a race then fall during idle periods.

Even if your CPU is not over clocked it could still be overclocking itself via turbo mode which can have the same effect. You can turn off turbo mode in the bios.

Another factor could be heat. If your CPU is getting to hot it may throttle down for cooling purposes. The tool I linked above will also track the temperature of the CPU while playing.

Umer Ahmad
04-06-2015, 19:08
Turn OFF AMD auto-overclocking in your bios.


05-06-2015, 06:57
Thank you !!!

I change a bios setting : AMD Turbo Core Technology to Off and the problem disappears.
Thanks a lot !!!!


Umer Ahmad
05-06-2015, 14:17
F*CK YEAH! Share this tip with your AMD CPU friends now amigo

05-06-2015, 17:12
I have an overclocked AMD FX CPU and I do not have these problems.