View Full Version : fuel consumption, tyre wear, pit setup and ai pitstops?

04-06-2015, 18:34
a couple of question leading to ai pitstops.

fuel consumption. why can that not be altered like tyre wear, x2, x3 etc?
tyre wear. i know you can set tyre wear to x2 etc, but its x2 of what?. if a full race at silverstone for example is 50 laps and i change tyres twice at normal wear. then do a race at 50% full length and set tyre wear x2 then i should stop twice again. but my problem is there is no benchmark on how long tyres last, its all guess work. do i have to go to a track drive round till tyres wear out (which theres no visual sign of either) then work out how many laps i want to do and how many pitstops i want?
pitstop setups. same sort of thing again. do i have to guess or workout how much fuel i need for set amount of laps? then in car setup menu if i set the amount of fuel i want for my first stint i cant lower it for second stint in pitstop setup. so for example if was doing at 20 lap race and i finally worked out how long my tyres will last, say lap 12.and then worked out how much fuel i need to get me to lap 12 was 20 liters. then say at my pitstop i only need 15 liters to get me to end of race. i cant put in less than the 20 liters i chose in car setup. which costs me time and possibly race.
and finally ai pit stops. how do i get the ai to 2 stop or 3? after working all my own pitstops out. i do a 20 lap race. guess my pitstops. off i go. do my pitstop. and the ai just carry on because they filled up with enough fuel to finish the race because i cant set fuel usage. and i guessed the tyre wear wrong and they didnt wear theirs out.
any help please? . and sorry if my post went on
thanks in advance :)

Max Kelly
05-06-2015, 06:43
the idea is good, let's hope that there will be some changes in the future

16-06-2015, 11:23
The AiI should have to pit about the same number of times as the player