View Full Version : Fastest Lap times: By car or track?

04-06-2015, 22:59
Dumb question, In free practice I test on Mazda all the time. love comparing even F5 times to PC etc.
Now when I select the track it list the fastest lap in the lower right but it doesnt list the car?

I am assuming the fastest lap is for the car I have selected? If so then it seems off. Karts had faster lap then gt3 cars etc.

Be nice if it listed the user/car type/class

04-06-2015, 23:07
Sounds about right. A super cart should be faster then a GT3 car on just about any track. They are in the real world.

04-06-2015, 23:10
Wow ok, but then does that mean the fastest trakc time is based on the car I have selected? If I get a fast lap in practice will it save to the time trial board?

04-06-2015, 23:16
I don't know, sorry

04-06-2015, 23:44
It displays the fastest lap in whatever car you have selected. I'm pretty sure you have to be in Time Trials for it to register but I'm not 100% on that. To find out, just take a car you've never raced before and set a time in practice, then check the trials board and check! Hope that helps.