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05-06-2015, 06:28

Maybe I missed a thread, but is someone using G-sync out there :)

Is it really worth a lot of money, woow they aren't cheap !! ...I am from Holland and I like it cheap..haha !!

Hansje (be yentle I am 57 years old)

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05-06-2015, 07:36
YES it is worth the money , I have a ACER 27inch 144 hrz XB270HA .

Siberian Tiger
05-06-2015, 07:38
I heard nearly only good things about the G-Sync Monitors :)

But be aware you need a good Graphiccard ;)

05-06-2015, 12:05
Thanks guys !!

I have an overclocked STRIX 980GTX from Asus ...good enough :)


05-06-2015, 12:10
Forgot, is it perfect smooth with MAX settings...with around 45 FPS (lower and higher ofcourse)

After all its a lot of money ;)

So Vsync in a perfect way with 60 FPS and higher, or a tiny shocking movement...which looks smooth ??
Asked this because I am a perfectionist LOL


05-06-2015, 13:15
Owning a ACER 1440p 144Hz G-Sync http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/acer_xb270hu.htm it is not only smooth but color accurate in sRGB space. The IPS-type panel is worth every penny. Usually I work with wide-gammut monitors and this baby isn't far away colorwise.

GTX970+i5-3570 running it perfectly smooth from 40 up to 110FPS at 1440p with DS2x(reflection+env maps tuned down). And by smooth I mean butter smooth. Can't stand aliasing or tearing so I'm a perectionist there aswell :)

05-06-2015, 13:29
Hi, thanks for your reply.

But the ACER 27inch 144 hrz XB270HA seems cheaper !?

If I keep it 1920x 1080(p) I can use all MAX, mean REFL. and ENV on ULTRA with DS2X

I like all MAX :)

I do own a 3.4GHZ (i7-2600K) clocked perfect stable at 4.6GHZ !!!!

05-06-2015, 15:43
Yes the XB270HA should be ~250-400€ less than the XB270HU. The difference is the TN Panel used by the HA(less color accurate and more viewing angle dependent but better response times) and the resolution 1080p vs 1440p. Plus they let us pay for the very first IPS-type+G-Sync+4k wannabe combination.
Whatever suits you better: both G-Sync monitors should make your experience butter smooth.

By the way: the latest Nv driver added G-Sync support for windowed modes so you should be safe that it supports any game you play.

10-06-2015, 06:21

Just got my XB270H.....lookinging forward to try :)

Just had some time to see if I had some dead pixels....NOT a single one..yessss !!

Will try out Gsync soon.


10-06-2015, 07:04
Just had some time to give it a try....all settings MAX and ULTRA 31 cars Azure Coast with RAIN.

All I can say so far, ITS WORKING GREAT !!!

At the start end of the grid and all the cars in front of me I get around 44 FPS (even lower) smooth indeed :)
Replay sometimes 33 FPS with a lot of spray even then almost smooth, wooow !!

So far I am in love, hope it stays this way...haha !!

Nice day !!


06-09-2015, 03:10
YES it is worth the money , I have a ACER 27inch 144 hrz XB270HA .

Just got this same monitor, and it doesn't seem to play well with pCars, at least for me so far.

On my other monitor, a regular 60 Hz 1080p panel, the game runs at 60 fps all day long, high or ultra settings, with V-Sync enabled to eliminate tearing. If I disable it and let the GPU run free, I get 110-140 fps, with no problem other than tearing.

Got the Acer G-Sync 144 Hz monitor to take advantage of the performance, right? Well, when it's running, it's flawless - no tearing, no stuttering, no lag. However, I get major "freezes" while on the track (practice, races with any amount of opponents, time trial, multiple tracks, etc.). I'll be driving along, everything's good, and then the game just locks up for a second or two, stutters a few frames, goes dim, and then continues on like nothing's wrong. Happens more often during a race, less so during solo practice, but almost always at least once during any session on any track, with any car. I've tried stepping down the fps cap from none, 100, 90, to 80 and I get the same thing.

I've gone back to my other monitor and I don't have this problem at all.

Update: I think I solved this by enabling both G-Sync and V-Sync in the control panel. I assumed G-Sync negated the need for V-Sync, but apparently not! Been testing it for about 2 hours now with no issues. Framerate hums along between 100-144 on high/ultra settings with no tearing, no stuttering, no lag. Even the replays are silky smooth.