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Telegram Sam
05-06-2015, 14:43
Hey all!
my first post here. Must say I am enjoying this game a lot. I have been racing on consoles since GT3, and must say this does bring the genre up to a new level. Forza 5 was such a disappointment.
My question: can you set the camera to a default view? I like helmet cam, but have helmet and blur off, so it can look a lot like the reg. view when flipping through. It would be nice to set it to helmet, bonnet etc. without having to cycle through every time.

Thanks, and keep the ship straight!

Telegram Sam
05-06-2015, 17:34
Bueller? Bueller?

05-06-2015, 19:58
Camera defaults seem to be a bit spotty. Some rooms you hop in and have the camera that you used last (default) and sometimes it throws you into a random view. Just have to cycle through.

Telegram Sam
06-06-2015, 02:19
So there isn't anything I'm missing. It would seem simple enough to be able to select your choice of default in the camera settings tab.
Maybe in a future patch.
A small thing to grieve about in an otherwise righteous game.