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05-06-2015, 19:26
I've been fairly civil here and on the WMD forum but it seems you get more attention if you just start badmouthing the game so here goes.

I'm sick of the Xbox one controller rumble messing up my game! I want to play with the rumble functioning without it crashing the game! (And no, it does not generate a Dbg file).
It has not been fixed in the latest patch, maybe for the Xbox One but not for PC and i have not seen anything in the release notes for the upcoming patch.
I (and many others) have stated this issue for more than half a year now, i have been telling people here that it was a know issue and that it would be fixed... SO FIX IT!

If this issue finally get's a fix, it would also be nice to actually have some rumble when the tires lose grip! :confused:
Currently this does not work when i use my half broken Xbox 360 pad, it's nice that it rumbles when i go slightly off track,
yet it would be nice to get some feedback to inform me on the behavior of the car. I can run donuts and throw the car vigorously into corners and get zero rumble.
(Unless i use my Xbox One pad off course, which is still vibrating on the desk as I'm typing this... I'm currently single and can't please woman with it, it has no function.)

Concerning the pad handling itself, it's kinda cheap to think it's good as it is when people have not been able to compare with how it could be.
Off course i am talking about the "Old Dampening" here yet, aside from having the steering doing what the stick / mouse is doing, that's not my main issue.
Steering is too twitchy around center, been like that for ages and this is something many, many people will agree on;
it's not without reason that so many controller setting advice to set steering sensitivity to 0.

It took a thread on mouse steering to figure out what makes it so terrible: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22373-Mouse-steering-deadzone/page3
The wheel is always centering itself harshly and it feels as if it want's to stick there, it doesn't help that the centering speed is way fast also.
It always slams back to center making it a chore to position the car for corners. (At least for me, i don't have a superthumb you know).

Center sensitivity was great with old dampening enabled yet it seems people could not drive with it very well... when a different tire model was used way back.
Input mode 1 is not even set up to anything specific and the only reason people currently use it is probably because it has a different deadzone implementation...
which is a band aid for the center sensitivity.

Why not enable old dampening with the circular deadzone on input mode 1 and see what kinda feedback it generates hmm?
There is no need to write code for it or make other drastic changes, just a few clicks and "voila!".

...and fix the rumble !

05-06-2015, 21:04
More attention when you start badmouthing? I thought you'd know better after 3 years of WMD.