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05-06-2015, 20:13
• Project CARS have crashed on several counts (this far 9 times since 7th of May), often when entering tuning before a race.

• When exiting certain cars on certain maps, the vehicle scrapes or crashes into the pit exiting wall.

• When driving in free practice – when returning to pit box after crashing and loosing a tire, the vehicle shows a graphical glitch where the tire is missing, but the car is performing normally.

• Radical SR8-RX - when going to edit an already edited tuning, the tuning resets automatically.

• When done with tuning and about to exit the pits – car stays in neutral and can not perform any actions.

• Pit engineer subtitles appears but no sound, only talks/speaks if you connect headphones into the PS4 controller.

• Pit strategies names glitch for no apparent reason, example “Radical” glitches to “*****s***e”

And to add -
Haven't had the chance to take out the disc out of my PS4 since i bought the game, have been playing it non-stop. Absolutely fabulous game, completely amazing, 10/10! Only issues are some little bugs and glitches, but considering they are so many, it can get pretty annoying quite fast.

Thank you SMS, Bandai Namco and the gaming community for making this extraordinary game!

05-06-2015, 20:28
There's a big thread already going mate, you might wanna post there instead otherwise your points may get pushed way down the line- @Mods maybe the thread below should be stickied so peeps can find it easier?