View Full Version : Stutters during AI pits

Emerson Meyer
05-06-2015, 20:19

I had/have some weird stutters at Silverstone, with GT3 cars.

After messing around with the graphic settings, without success, I realized that the stutters started exactly at the time the AI cars are performig their pit stops.

Even with 21 cars, the start, and the rest of the race are pretty smooth.

My system is a i7-4790 3,60 GHz, GTX770, 16GbRAM (vsync on/1920:1080)

Any ideas? Can this be a problem with the CPU? Because the problem is the same even with low graphic quality.


Emerson Meyer
07-06-2015, 03:35
I could reproduce this problem at other tracks as well.

Anyone else with this problem?

Emerson Meyer
15-06-2015, 21:52
Sorry guys, but am I the only one with this problem? Damn Murphy´s Law.