View Full Version : steering ratio problem !

05-06-2015, 20:50
yo guys ,

when i play free practice , i drive the atom v8 , the steering is very smooth and slow , just how i set it up !! but when i go online it's very fast and when i try to change the steering ratio the settings have no effect !!!

when i turn the wheel just a bit , the car throws around and it's very hard to hold a straight line !!

sometimes it fixes itself when loading into the next session (qualifying to race) !! i hope someone can help me this


05-06-2015, 21:11
Are you changing the setup while in your Free Practice session? Are you racing the same tracks online as you are practicing?

There is a Known Issue with the setup not being applied to the next session in a race weekend.

06-06-2015, 08:50
well i made a setup in garage for all tracks ! so online or offline when i start to drive i have the same setup ! but online the steering ratio is completely different, although it's the same setup !!

when i change the steering ratio online , it does not have any effects ! i can change it to fast or slow , there is no difference !

offline i feel every little change in the setup