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05-06-2015, 20:53
So I thought Iíd share what was (to date) the most immersive & enthralling racing experience I've ever had on a console. Hopefully other people who are enjoying the game (letís try to keep it positive, eh?) will start to share their stories as well. I know itís a bit long, so feel no obligation to finish it haha :D. Mods - please move if thereís somewhere more appropriate for this to go.

I'm competing in career mode in the first round of the GT3 European Championship at Brno, driving the Mercedes SLS AMG. No assists, real fuel usage, real tyre wear & flags.

Practice 1
Good start. I'm already comfortable in the car after a good showing in the GT3 UK Championship, & the car is feeling pretty hooked up to the track with the current settings. With a few small adjustments I should be in for a competitive weekend. I box & make changes to the tire pressures & go out for another run. The carís feeling good so I box & drop to low fuel, then go on to set the fastest lap of the session.

Practice 2
Time to do some longer runs to get an idea of fuel usage and tire wear. I run a consistent 15 lap stint and I'm feeling confident in my fuel calculations (big mistake!). I squeeze out the fastest lap of the session towards the end of the stint, and at this rate I'm beginning to expect a clean sweep for the whole weekend.

Qualifying 1 & 2
Not much to tell. Dropped the fuel & grabbed pole in both sessions.

Sprint Race
I do my very scientific (sarcasm) fuel calculations (expected litres per lap x number of laps + a bit extra = fuel needed). Good to go.

I get a clean start and despite a bit of pressure from P2 in the 2nd sector Iím 1.5 seconds ahead at the end of the 1st lap. I steadily increase the gap to 6 seconds by the halfway point of the race, and the tires are still feeling solid so I decide to push a bit harder. I open the gap up to 10 seconds and, feeling pleased with myself; take a cautionary glance at the fuel level.

C*ck. Iíve messed this up badly & thatís never going to get me to the end. I briefly consider re-starting the race & adjusting the fuel level, but decide thatís the cowardís way out and attempt to manage the car to the end of the race. I start short-shifting & lifting and coasting. The gap to P2 drops to 3 seconds and Iím getting worried, but with 3 laps to go I decide Iíve done enough fuel saving & start to up the pace again. The guy behind is flying, but I manage to cross the finish line in 1st by 3.5 seconds.

Main Race
Decide I'm not going to make the same mistake again, so put in 6 litres more than Iím expecting to use. Briefly wonder if thatís enough, but decide I can probably do a bit of fuel management again if the worst comes to worst.

The race starts in pretty heavy rain, and I lose 1st place on the rolling start. I've been really quick through turn 1 all weekend though, so I decide itís worth throwing one up the inside and manage to get 1st place back. The first half of the race I manage to stay in front, but I'm pushing flat out. Then the front left starts to overheat & I drop down to P3 after out-braking myself into the final corner. I'm begging for the rain to ease off so I can make my stop. It eventually does, but am I being tempted into stopping too early? The two guys in front of me box, so I follow them in and put the softs on. Coming out of the pits I can tell I've made the right call. Itís definitely dry enough and I pass the guy in front within a few corners. I'm in P10 (8 drivers yet to stop) with P9 the overall leader & 3 seconds ahead of me. I start to close him down quickly, but he stops again the next lap, I assume heíd kept the wet tires on (wrong call, dude!) I start to open a decent gap and get back into 1st when the drivers ahead stop. Heading into the final part of the race it looks like win number 2, so I take a take a cautionary glance at the fuel level.

C*ck. I can only assume I've used way more fuel trying to stay ahead in the heavy rain at the start, and no amount of fuel saving is going to get me home in 1st. I start coasting big time and quickly drop to 3rd again. I figure if I can get it home in the top 10 Iíll at least get a point, but with half a lap to go I've only got 0.8 litres left. I get to just before the last corner, but itís the hope that kills ya, and I grind to a dignified halt and retirement (where's the option to get out and push!?).

Youíd think Iíd be furious at losing what looked like a solid win, but I got out of my Playseat with the biggest smile Iíve ever had from playing a racing game. SMS & WMD - hell of a job. On to Circuit de Catalunya for round 2!

Roger Prynne
05-06-2015, 21:11
Nice story mate and good to see some more positive feedback.

05-06-2015, 21:32
Excellent. Made me laugh :D
If you can lose at a game and walk away happy you know your into a good thing

Roger Prynne
05-06-2015, 21:49
Like the old saying goes "It's not the winning but the taking part that counts"