View Full Version : logitech g27 gas pedal issue

05-06-2015, 23:06
Hi all I just purchased the logitech g27 and have been following guides on setting up for game. All seemed ok then I decided to use the gear shifter. For some reason , sometimes if I come off the track and am stationary for a while the gas pedal does not respond and I have to exit the game. Then when I start again it works again . Just seems to be when I have spun off the track and am facing a barrier for example . I just don't understand as it works if I restart another race . The gear shifter is selecting the right gears , its just there is no response from that pedal after a spin off if I come to a stand still for a few secs. Any ideas be great. If its my wheel I will send it back but I just am wondering if its not a bug issue . Thank you

Roger Prynne
05-06-2015, 23:19
Your engine has probably shut off/stalled after a spin is all...
Just map a button to the starter and re-start your engine.

Morgan Henstridge
05-06-2015, 23:56
Turning on Auto Clutch will also prevent stalling.