View Full Version : Aligning T300RS wheel in Control Panel

06-06-2015, 10:20
I just upgraded my new T300RS to latest firmware - for people asking if new wheels ship with latest firmware, the answer is no,
you have to do it yourself.

So after a bit of a ball ache messing about on the Thrustmaster site, I eventually found the application in windows 8 to upgrade it...great,
but now I need to slightly re-align the centre position of the wheel, it's slightly off.

I know you can do this in the T300 control panel on your pc, trouble is, I cannot find a control panel on my pc to do it!

What am I missing? Something stupid no doubt

06-06-2015, 10:32
mode+share+option should re center your wheel mate, press all 3 at the same time

06-06-2015, 12:17
Great, I'll try this thanks

06-06-2015, 14:12
As Segaspence says above, but it's worth doing it while in the PS4 menu before you start the game or press the PS button (Start) to activate the wheel. The light should briefly flash green & then go back to red.

I think it's a bit random with the firmware - mine shipped already updated, but I've heard plenty of other saying they've had to do it themselves. Maybe depends on where it ships from?

06-06-2015, 17:27
I'll try this tonight. Still curious as to why I can't find the T300rs control panel shown in the pdf on the thrustmaster site

06-06-2015, 23:04
I don't have windows 8 and know its different but on windows 7 its
start menu-all programs-thrustmaster-ffbracingwheel-control panel

07-06-2015, 04:01
Yep, that's pretty much how you do it, but you all missed One important thing...

You First Gotta Hold your Wheel at the Center spot,
If the wheel is Off center when you do this, then that Becomes the New Wheel Center...

Then Press Mode, Share, Option all at the same time..
The Red mode Light will Blink Green, then red again..

I'm on Windows 8.1, this is where My Control Panel is Installed.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Thrustmaster\FFB Racing wheel

in that folder is a shortcut called Control Panel

the Short cut runs this program

C:\Windows\System32\control.exe joy.cpl


07-06-2015, 09:55
Yep, can confirm that all works properly, the wheel memorizes new centre position.

The mystery of the missing control panel is down to me not looking properly - windows 8 applications are not always listed in the order you expect, but it is there.

Couple of things to look out for though - having to remember which console mode you should be in, constantly switching between the two

Once you mess with the wheel settings on your pc or update it at all, the defaults re-set in the game so you think the FFB is suddenly weak? Go back to the
controller settings and put it back to 100%

Getting everything sorted with a wheel on this game is a bit of a faff to be honest. At least once done hopefully it doesn't constantly need calibrating and setting up again

08-06-2015, 15:45
Try this, worked for me !