View Full Version : Black screen - return to desktop on startup

06-06-2015, 13:20

I've just installed Project Cars and I am having difficulty getting the game to start. Whenever I start the game, the screens flash up, then go black, and then returns to desktop. The game is still running, I can hear sound, but I cannot see the game.

I am running a GTX 680 with triple screens at 5760 x 1080.

I've tried the following without being able to resolve the issue:

1. I have updated my graphics drivers to version 353.06
2. I have updated my sound drivers and all system drivers that were out of date
3. I am running Direct x11 and also ran dxdiag to ensure there was nothing wrong here.
4. I deleted the file graphicsconfigdx11.xml file to get the game to recreate it on startup

On the rare occasion the game does start, the graphics work without any stuttering. It just occurs on startup most of the time (98% of the time).

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, how did you fix it?

06-06-2015, 13:33
I have this as well , Try the Alt/Tab to switch windows , it works for me most times ..