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06-06-2015, 17:24
was in career mode historic tc2 trophy race 4 at donnington finished race 1st pressed view replay this then started and i could not get out of replay but when i pressed paused it said simulate remainder of session which then brings me to the below screenshot when i press skip to end of session the loading circle comes in middle of screen simulating remainder of session for about 0.5 seconds and nothing happens i couldn,t get passed this point and only option was to exit and start the race again which i already finished not sure if anyone else had same?

12-06-2015, 12:03
Something similar had happened to me too. Most of the time it happens after clicking 'Skip to the end of session' during qualifying. The clock icon popped up at the center of the screen and just continues to rotate... had to kill the app only to find that it does the same thing again the next time I choose 'skip to the end of session'... only started to happen after a patch install today though.

What version are you on?

and how do I find out which version is installed?


12-06-2015, 13:21
Same here.


14-06-2015, 17:23
Confirmed, had this in Career GT3@Brno (Q2).

Did my Q2 time and pressed "Simulate Remainder of Session" (hung up with roating clock icon).

Had to terminate in Task-Manager (v1.4)

Edit: Happend again (same event). This time i pressed "Skip to end of Session" (hung up again with roating clock icon).

I needed to "Simulate to Race 1" from the career menu to continue (so skipping Q2 completely)... this worked

20-06-2015, 11:16
I just had this happen to me on PS4. Clicked skip to end of session and it went into simulating instead where it remained until I closed app.

22-06-2015, 15:48
Same thing here, my god this game is so broken at the minute.......

24-06-2015, 10:46
same here, but..
when i rename Default.sav and start with a new profile, this bug is gone.
Skipping to end of session works as before.
Seems to be garbage/incmpatibility in the 1.3 profile

04-07-2015, 20:01
Just happened to me too. Right after I set the fastest qualifying lap and 'skip to end of session'. Had to end task.

12-07-2015, 02:06
Career mode Formula Rookie qualifying at Donington National did 3 qualifying laps then chose 'skip to session end' gave it a minute....then gave up and Task Mgr'd it.
Donington has been mentioned a lot in this thread.

30-07-2015, 21:25
This has also happened to me three times over the last few days whilst playing the Clio Cup career at the Snetterton Qualifying session - computer keeps getting stuck in the simulating session part. Only way to get out of it is Ctrl Alt Del.

28-11-2015, 14:22
It happened to me right after i finished 100% Le Mans 24HR!!!
I left the computer running over night, it won the race and at i found all the cars in respective garages. So i pushed ESC and then end session. And now nothing happens! It stucks in the garage!
This bug exists since 1 year and after six updates they never put a patch over this!
Now i lost my 24H race and i must kill the app and do everything from scratch!
I am totally done with this game. Uninstalling it right now.