View Full Version : Need some GT3 Tunes for a steering wheel

06-06-2015, 18:23
can anyone help me out on sorting a tune for one of the GT3 cars got my steering wheels setting all sorted just need some tunes.
so if anyone could help would be grateful

Del Zotto x82x
07-06-2015, 20:09
This may not be a tune but if you find Jack Spades FFB Spread sheets on this forum you will not regret it.. The cars feel amazing and even helps with steering into corners and issues like that.. Highly recomend!! Easy to understand also, even I was able to understand it and if you knew me, you'd be amazed by that. lol

09-06-2015, 13:56
sou d good mate i will have a look for he spread sheet, been playing it for a while but cant be competitive coz i have no clue on how to tune, hopefully will get that sorted :) ever fancy racing add me XBL (TFRDammsL), cheers mate apricate it!.