View Full Version : Rule logics

06-06-2015, 21:18
Just wondering about realism.

I haven't got far enough into the game to work out all the penalties. So far I've noticed driving into someone really hard or driving up the pit lane in the wrong direction gets you disqualified.
I've seen many blue flags, but no yellow ones. (Yes I'm a bit slow!) On Monaco the AI were diving into the walls with every opportunity but no yellows anywhere.
Are there any drive through penalties? The example, there should be a drive through for crossing the pit lane line on pit exit.


06-06-2015, 21:56
You get a drive through for jumping the start.

07-06-2015, 10:50
Yeah, I've found that one! I decided to bind A to the clutch so I could hold the brake and revs on the start.