View Full Version : Fanatec CSW V1 Formula - Calibration/Angle of Rotation

06-06-2015, 23:15
I have a fanatec csw v1 with the newest drivers installed. therefore i have several questions for getting sure that everything works perfect together :

1. when i calibrate my csw v1 wheel it will be recognized automatically as fanatec csw v2 wheel.
does that change something in the specific wheel parameters?
can i change the wheel after the calibrating procedure to fanatec csw v1 wheel or should i let it be as is it recognized ?

2. after the wheel is calibrated can i still change the wheel rotation, by example from 450 geds to 540 degs or 900 degs, in the sensitivity settings on the wheel direcly or do i have to recalibrate again the wheel every time i change the wheel rotation on the wheel?

3. whats the best sensitity/rotation angle for fanatec csw formula wheel ? actually i have set it to 450 degs.....

i know that on this forum several topics exists regarding wheel- and ffb-settings but i could find anything specific for my questions itself.

your kind support is highly appreciated and thanks alot.

looking forward to hear from you.

07-06-2015, 06:00
Sensitivity always OFF (wheel profile), this should give you automatically the right wheel rotation per car.

I'm still on the older driver/firmware (205), so I can't help you regarding the newest one.

07-06-2015, 07:04
yep i installed the new drivers yesterday 219. do you have also the formula rim on it? just asking this because with the formula rim a 900 deg turning is difficult do make in order that my arms would be screwed after... :-) but i will give it a try.

if i change the sensitivity on the wheel, do i have to recalibrate the wheel everytime in game ?

07-06-2015, 07:57
No I'm running the 918 rim and never did any recalibration in game (shouldn't be necessary with a csw).

I'm on the "Fanatec CSW/Seperate Pedals" control scheme.

If you think you messed up something (calibration), you can always delete your "default.sav" and start from scratch.


Morgan Henstridge
07-06-2015, 10:13
You can also just Reset the controller settings from the Bottom of the Controllers panel.

Deleting the default.sav will also delete your save game progress.