View Full Version : Steering Wheel/keyboard randomly not working on start

06-06-2015, 23:58
after finishing up loading any race/practice/qual and pressing drive, i go through the pit exit and wheel/pedals/shifter doesn't work, but it acts as if FFB is still active on it. If the car continues to roll off the track into the grass you get the feel of the force feedback pushing it around, but the steering wheel in game does not move at all. This is also compounded by the keyboard not functioning EXCEPT for ctrl alt delete (thankfully). the only way i can manage it to work is just to restart the game and try it again. I think it's similar to the "fanatec wheels stop working during a session" http://steamcommunity.com/app/234630/discussions/0/613957600530040250/?tscn=1431114462 , but if i am reading that right it looks like it stops working mid race, while mine doesn't work from the beginning.

Fanatec porsche gt2, clubsport pedals v1, thrustmaster th8a

any car track combo