View Full Version : Extremely please thanks devs

07-06-2015, 03:04
Let me start by saying that I have many racing titles from pole position to gt to forza series except the horizons and forza 5. Ending with Grid Autosport, then here comes PCars. I have been reading most of the threads and have some of the complaints. All I can say these gamers should have been around in the early days. This games has incorporated all the things that I have wanted in a racing game especially the NASCAR series. I love on this game how weather options are endless and you don't even have add rain or fog for these effects. Think of all the dry based forms of racing, the heat of day, time of day, and time of year this game takes all that into account.

To top it off are the track effects, dirt, grass, and tire debris shooting at your car. You see racing grooves and marbles on the track. The last race I did was 24 hours at Sonoma. I started at 6 in the morning and race until about mid morning the next day. I loved how the light changed the track handling changed. I watched the replay and noticed how dirty my car got from the track as well as the rear of my car was extremely black from my drifting through turns.

I must say SMS that I must pinch myself, to see if I am dreaming of things I have longed for in a racing game. I love how you all continue to improve the experience. You all have completely won me over from my preorder of this game on Xbox one. Excellent first game guys. People need to realize to turn out a game with this many variables in it is not easy coming from a tech guy. Car components, track components, and weather effects make this a TRUE simulation. Great work.