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07-06-2015, 09:31
I personal expect to have some contact between myself and the AI cars during races but one issue I find incredibly frustrating is during the above race in the mark1 escort if I even touch or another car touches me my car flips and rolls in the air. surely we can at least bounce off each other at the low speed not this exaggerated movement. could understand if it happens at high speed but it happens at low speed too. Has anyone else the same issue?

07-06-2015, 11:56
I think the issue with the Escort is being looked into mate and being done for patch 1.4

07-06-2015, 13:23
Release notes from patch 1.4

* Adjusted handbrake strength on vehicles which are equipped with handbrakes.
Fixed an issue where the rain wipers’ state did not reset correctly when restarting a session.
Fixed an issue where light glows from a vehicle behind the player would sometimes appear in front of the player.
* Fixed fuel pressure gauge calibration in several cars.
* Fixed an issue where a white border would at times appear around the brake light glow of certain cars.
* Ford Mk.IV – Improved the collision model to prevent vehicles wedging in under other vehicles.
* Formula Gulf, Gumper Apollo, Formula Rookie - Fixed and issue with the livery sets that caused the livery selection to display wrong liveries.
* Lykan Hypersport -Statistics updated to latest manufacturer specification.
* Lotus 72D - Improved handing characteristics, exposed bump stops to be adjustable in the vehicle setup, reduced cold sensitivities of the slick tyres, adjusted the AI speed, wear and rain tires to match the player’s experience.
* Karts - Reworked the Karts optimization to help address performance drops with a lot of Karts on track.
* McLaren 12C GT3 - Adjusted the vehicle pose to more closely match the real car.
* BMW M3 GT4 – Improved the accuracy of the levels at which the oil and water temperature warning lights will activate.
* Ford Escort RS1600 - Improved the collision and wheel contact model to prevent climbing over other cars in collisions.
* 250cc Superkart – Improved the default setup to address controller issues on higher speed tracks, and improved the AI handling.
* Lotus 49 – Improved the AI handling of the vehicle in corners and in close racing.
* Pagani Huayra - Reduced fuel consumption to around 3mpg in hard track use, and improved cooling to prevent engine overheating.

07-06-2015, 18:04
Question, how did you get the historic racing car pack, ive been looking all over for it and can't find it

07-06-2015, 18:11
Question, how did you get the historic racing car pack, ive been looking all over for it and can't find it
Standard with the game bud