View Full Version : Fanatec GT2 driver/config issue?

07-06-2015, 13:38
Since installing a new motherboard and processor plus a complete fresh reinstall of Win8.1 my Fanatec GT2 usually takes about 7+ tries to get it in to PC mode (sometimes it can take 20mins of constant on/off to get it to work), usually what happens is, power on, hold "back" button for 2secs and the display LED's will change as normal BUT the PC does not show that the wheel is connected, it won't show in the "Fanatec Properties page". So I have to power off the wheel and keep repeating the process until the actual wheel rim shakes a bit like it should when put in to any mode and it shows up in the "Fanatec Properties page". There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will actually work. I have ruled out issues with the actual wheel as I installed it on a Win8.1 laptop with the EXACT same drivers and it goes in to PC mode on there first time every time?!

FYI I have the latest drivers and firmware.

I have contacted Fanatec support but they don't seem as "on the ball" as they used to be, their customer service used to be absolutely fantastic now days all I get is: "please update your drivers/firmware and power on the wheel and hold the back button for 2 secs to enter PC mode". I have already done this and I obviously know how to put my wheel in to PC mode.

As it worked fine before with Win8.1 I'm wondering if I'm missing a BIOS setting or something as the only things that have changed since then are the CPU & Mobo.

This is all the help I get from Windows: