View Full Version : A few ideas for the next update

07-06-2015, 16:55
First i would like to thank Ian Bell for beeing so open to us. You Sir are truly someone the industry needs and should take a good look at.

1. When i finish a race sucessfully i finish the race and the menu loads. But the game doesnt automaticly choose next but rather quite which makes me lose my raceif i hit a without reading. Maybe it's a bug on my side but it is annyoing as i tend to hit a and it quits the race.

2. It would be nice to be able to see how many gamers are trying to do a community challenge. It takes ages to scroll all the way down just to see how many gamers have done a lap.

3. I would like to see how fast my freinds are. Not only show my time but allso my freinds.

4. Setup downloads would be awesome, im a great driver bit i cant tune properly, lol

Thankyou for reading and by the way congrats on a brilliant game:onthego: off racing

07-06-2015, 19:23
I have come across your issue with point 1 and have accidently restarted a race.

07-06-2015, 20:07
I'd like to see points 2 & 3 added in as well. Would like to see how I compare with everyone entered and against those on my friends list.