View Full Version : Still unable to set a TT

FMS TopSecret
07-06-2015, 20:19
Im guessing people still freeze up when exiting in TT and Community events but since the past update i haven't been able to set a single TT time down because it freezes every time and i only really have an interest for Hotlapping. is this still a known issue or am i the only one because i cant have friendly competition with my friends in GT3 cars on TT and im having to record my laps and take screenshots to prove my times.

Charles Gillen
07-06-2015, 22:18
I also have a problem with the screen freezing after I've put up a lap that I want to record on the LB. Not every time, but it seems like when I nail down a lap that I want to keep, I get a locked screen. You can tell it's happening when the screen dosent go black but keeps the track displayed.

Usually it seems to happen if I just quit a lap and try to exit TT. If I continue to drive till the next lap starts it usually will record the lap. It's a little frustrating because sometimes I'm into six to ten laps to get a best time. This is especially horrible at the Nordschlife. To finally hit a PB only to have the screen freeze exiting is just awful. When that happens I just turn off my XBOX and go watch tv for a bit.


08-06-2015, 04:08
Yes this often happens to me and has done ever since the game was released. Take for example the Zolder community TT, I have lost count how many times I have put in a 1.27 only for it to freeze upon exiting.

Sean Reinhardl
08-06-2015, 13:04
best way I have found to stop the game freezing in time trial is to finish you lap get on a straight bit of road then stop the car and put the gears in neutral then exit

FMS TopSecret
08-06-2015, 13:41
i have tried everything but it still freezes, i was able to put a lap down on one track and i can go faster but ti still freezes every time.

GRD 4 3L
08-06-2015, 20:31
I've also experienced this at least 3 times; frustrating! Next time, I'm going to try the stop and put in neutral before exiting . . .

08-06-2015, 21:50
I have an issue where my time's dissapear and somtimes time's dont record. The game's stupid, can't even hotlap while they sort out all the other issues.I'm not sure if this game's devs are taking the sim community seriously. I'm starting to know why Forza goes all out solid 60 before anything else.At the end of the day its about the racing for me so if you can't get the game to perform aswell as Forza 4 did wilst racing online then whats the point of all the bells and wistles, at this point it seems to me that sms are init for themselfs and treating us lot like mugs.

09-06-2015, 02:36
What's always worked for me is to keep going until I see the next split.

09-06-2015, 08:33
I've had the freezing issue... I find it seems to happen if I exit too quickly. If I put it on pause, wait a minute and then exit I don't seem to have the problem.

09-06-2015, 12:15
What's always worked for me is to keep going until I see the next split.i tried this just now with the touring car on spa, i got first very easily 2nd lap with a general tune low DF tune (<<<make's me wonder how many other people are having the same issue) the game froze, the time never counted, no point in tuning for the track i took a screenshot.