View Full Version : [SDG] Clio Cup Race Event: Friday 12th June

AJ McDaddy
07-06-2015, 20:57

At StopDropGaming (http://stopdropgaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/21023-club-race-clio-cup-brands-hatch-830-pm-friday-12th-june/#entry56632) forum we have many active PC and Xbox (One and 360) race leagues. These include F1 where we have 3 leagues, Assetto corsa, also 3 leagues, as well as Forza. We have started up a Project Cars section and this is the first PC race night.

Server: StopDropGaming
Start time 20:30 BST
Weather: Real
Damage, Tyre, Fuel: All Real
Driving Assists: Real
TCS, ABS: Available
Stability Control: Off

For more info and sign up CLICK HERE (http://stopdropgaming.com/Forum/index.php?/forum/253-racing-club/)