View Full Version : If we could get just one DK2 fix...

07-06-2015, 23:16
I'm sold on using the Rift so much so at this point that I already don't really enjoy racing without it. I've learned to rely on the Motec display for most of my racing info needs (or just fly blind on cars that lack it), and by-and-large it's working just fine that way.

The biggest hurdle I've found so far is in online league/club play. Because the "Opponent Names" feature is glitched inside the Rift, and there's no HUD, I have no way of knowing who is infront of me in a race, which makes communication very difficult.

I know completing Rift support must be fairly low on the devs' priority list at the moment, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask for that one element to receive some attention sooner than the rest. Even the menus aren't a show-stopper, it's easy enough just running OBS and only putting the Rift on when you start driving.

Working "Opponent Names" plaques would just be enough to make it a fully viable notion for online play.

Here's hoping :-)

07-06-2015, 23:25
I guess all DK2 users second that :) but have some patients I am sure they work hard on all corners. I agree also with you about the Rift, I really cant imagine anymore driving without them, looking at a normal screen just seem to look liveless once you are used to the DK2.

08-06-2015, 00:15
I realise I shouldn't expect anything this side of the January 2016 official Rift consumer release, and I'm happy enough to keep working around the issues. Thought it might just be worth asking nicely for this one tweak though, as it would really help matters in a regard where there's really no workaround available.

For me, the Rift isn't so much about the immersion so much as the plain utility. (Although of course the immersion is fantastic! :)) It's so much better for driving when you can turn your own head to look towards the apex, get a true sense of where the wheels are in relation to the curb, and do all that while still keeping half an eye on the mirrors in your peripheral vision. I understand now why so many sim racers go for triple-screen setups... it's not just flash, it's incredibly useful, and having used the Rift, I just find it far too restrictive trying to game on a single monitor... even a nice big, 144hz 27"er.

I really am looking forward to seeing the full final pCars VR support eventually. It's so damn good already, even in a partially finished state.