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08-06-2015, 15:33

Who are PSORC?

At PlayStation Online Racing Championships (PSORC) we have a fantastic community who love and enjoy both motor racing and racing games. You're sure to fit in with us as we cater for many different abilities and speeds to make sure you are in the right series for your skill type.
Our community supports inexperienced drivers with online practice sessions, set up help and socials race to filter out any unfair and dirty racers to give our clean members a fair and competitive experience.
With over two years experience, PSORC is one of the best stops for online racing, exclusively on PlayStation.

PCARS PS4 League
We are currently only 2 rounds into our 10 round GT3 cup but we still have 8 places available for people to fill, there is also open option for choice of cars for new members. Our next round will be at Donington GP circuit for a 18 lap race. Racers are allowed to pit but you shouldn't have to pit for tyres or fuel, pit stops are normally only for damage only.
If you are interested, make sure to register and sign up following this link: http://psorc.com/thread/114/psorc-gt3-season-sign-thread
If you have any questions regarding the league rules or structure make sure to post them here in this thread

06-07-2015, 11:57
Due to issues with PSN, this weeks race is going to be a 15 lap race at the famous Oulton Park in Cheshire. Championship leader George Duncan will want to get another win here and extend his current 5 point lead ahead of Chris Rabey, who'll be hoping to catch him up. However, a good result for any of the 4 racers close behind these two could blow the championship race wide open.
There are still 4 spots available in the league; if you are interested in joining in then make sure to register at http://psorc.com/thread/114/psorc-gt3-season-sign-thread

20-07-2015, 11:57
A really intense and fascinating race from start to finish saw George Duncan get his second win of the season. However, may not have won if there were more laps as newcomer Luke Reed was gaining fast but just ran out of laps. Chris Rabey limped home in 3rd after an incident on the first lap. Next race will be at Imola on the 24th July at 7pm. If you're not already signed up, make sure to sign up at http://psorc.com/thread/114/psorc-gt...on-sign-thread


03-08-2015, 10:38
George Duncan took full advantage of Chris Rabey's absence from Round 5 by doing the double at Imola. This has now further extended his championship lead to 54 points. Elliott Barnett took a comfortable 2nd to stay in the chamionship hunt and Tank Applegate limped home in 3rd after his soft tyres wore off