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The Prez-O-Dent
08-06-2015, 16:31

as you might noticed by the thread name this is about the Logitech Driving Force GT. (Yeah probably not the best idea playing pCars with that wheel anyway so...)
And just to be said at the start this is really my first game with a steering wheel so do not wonder if there are points that I don't get which should be pretty obvious.

I am having the strangest problems setting it up the wheel. Basically my problem is the Steering Lock. I want to set it to about 270 which should work fine (yes I am aware of the steering ratio setting in the car setup but that does absolutely nothing for me).
So here comes the problem:

1. If I keep the standart settings (both driver and game) the the wheel needs the full 900 for max steering lock, which is totally unusable for me. Also when calibrating the wheel on the second step where you have to turn your wheel 90 it is at abour 870 when turning to 90 in reallife (and when getting it just turned to about 5 its at about 16000 ... yeah makes sense at least not to me http://s30.postimg.org/4ag7gmm33/p_CARS64_2015_06_04_23_04_31_15.png )

2. If I try to force it via the driver settings I get my wanted steering lock but really weird non-linear steering where the last 20% till lock makes pretty much 80% of the whole steering.

So my question basically is what does calibration actually have to do with the steering lock and if it hasn't where do I set it. As written above neither driver nor the car setup worked for me.

PS: I am sorry if its not a good/easy to understand explanation of my problem buts its the only way I know how to describe it.

08-06-2015, 17:32
The steering lock on the cars are defined by the actual car geometry. This is why pCARS doesn't allow you to configured it, but you can alter the Steering Ratio to make the steering quicker or slower, just like you would on a real car.

First question, what do you have the steering sensitivity set to?

08-06-2015, 19:46
Have you tried setting it in the logitech profiler?


I was having problems myself until I installed this software.

The Prez-O-Dent
08-06-2015, 20:48
@volmaro yes the driver is installed and forcing it did not really help

@ Mahjik yes I got that with the lock but does not change the fact that changing it did absolutely nothing for me (tested with 2 cars... max wheel angle was always the same at e.g 300 no matter if I set the ratio to slowest or fastest) ...if thats not what ration should change I apologize

control settings are all on standart so 50 in this case

11-06-2015, 16:22
Hi, I had similar problems. Only the 64 bit version of the driver worked for me (Win 7 x64) , it should be called lgs510_x64.exe. The 32 bit seemed to install fine but didn't install the profiler correctly.